Borrego Badlands (3 photos)

Besides Clark Dry Lake we also went to Vista Del Malpais during a desert trip early this year. This is a less popular viewpoint of Borrego Badlands that lies a little bit east of the very well known Fonts Point.

The views it offers are equally stunning, and unlike Fonts Point, it is possible to hike a little bit along the ridge and enjoy the changing perspectives. It was quite windy while we were there and a portrait photographer brought a model with a long black cape out there, it looked quite interesting…

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5 thoughts on “Borrego Badlands (3 photos)”

  1. Ever notice anything uniquely and radically different about the goelogical material which makes up the badlands of Anza Borrego and the geology behind where you took this photograph ? They are not from the same source. The material in front of you here cam excavated from out of the Grand Canyon. If you knew that, ever wonder how it got transported there or what forces were in play ?

  2. Hi Shuwen,

    I sent a message to your contact info page, but i have heard back. Maybe it isn’t functional. I have a post i wish to publish on land restoration and desired that shot of the view from badlands towards Fish Creek Mountains and Superstition Hills way in the background. It is no big deal if you wish this not to be used. The subject matter of the post really isn’t about that particular area. It’s simply my dream of one day having a blank canvas and creating a desert plant ecosystem landscape where there are only barren soil/rock. The earth is increasing in such places and in keeping with the theme of my blogspot address, “creating a new earth”, I am intrigued with all manner of biological mechanisms which make that happen and our understanding of them to speed up the process. Please let me know because I have another that I also like on Standby. “No” is an okay answer for me,

    Thanks, Kevin Franck

    • Hello Kevin, I just saw that the message you left via my contact form was categorized as spam, that’s why I didn’t see it. Thank you for following up with this comment.


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