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Palomar Mountain Loop Hike

Alex and I went for a Saturday morning loop hike at Palomar Mountain. We hiked at Palomar Mountain many times but rarely do so in the actual State…

Dichelostemma capitatum

Flowers in 2018

Sixteen wildflower photos from spring 2018 that I made our recent walks and hikes in and around the greater San Diego area.

Hills with wildflowers at the Santa Margarita Ecological Reserve in Riverside County, California.

Flower Hills

Two photos from a docent-led hike at the Santa Margarita Ecological Reserve, near Fallbrook. These hills looked incredibly beautiful but on the overcast morning before the fog lifted,…

Ceanothus tomentosus flowers at Lake Hodges, Rancho Bernardo, California

Woollyleaf Ceanothus

Three photos of the blue Ceanothus tomentosus (Woollyleaf Ceanothus) in bloom.

Temblor Range and Elkhorn Plain view from Elkhorn Hills, Carrizo Plain National Monument, California. March 2017.

Carrizo Plain in March (19 photos)

When we visited Carrizo Plain at the end of March, the wildflower bloom was probably one week before its peak, and it was already incredible to see the…

Guy Fleming Trail/Torrey Pines in Spring, San Diego, California. March 2017.

Torrey Pines Wildflower Season

Photos from the wildflowers along Guy Fleming and Parry’s Grove Trail in Spring, at Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve in San Diego, California.

Desert Wildflowers along Henderson Canyon Road, Borrego Springs, California. March 2017.

A first glimpse at the 2017 wildflowers in Anza Borrego

Last weekend we drove down to Borrego Springs to see how the wildflowers in the desert are doing this year. For weeks, people have been talking about a…

Two coyotes in morning light at Lake Hodges, Rancho Bernardo, San Diego County, California. December 2016.

Dos Coyotes

Two coyotes in morning light at Lake Hodges. I also liked the soft colors in the landscape as it reawakens with first signs of fresh green after some…

Thistles and wheat along Vineyard Road, Paso Robles, California. April 2016.

Thistles and Wheat

Just something I saw at the side of the road during our April 2016 roadtrip…

Close-up of wheat swaying in the wind, along Vineyard Road, Paso Robles, California, April 2016.

Wind in Wheat (3 photos)

It was very windy while we were in Paso Robles. Before we continued west on Highway 46 we took Vineyard Road to take in some more of the…