Stars and Milky Way reflect in Lake Mamie at night, Lake Mamie, Mammoth Lakes, California, September 2016.

Night at Lake Mamie

We’re back from a week-long visit to the Eastern Sierra where we did some hiking and day trips based out of Mammoth Lakes. On the evening of our arrival we had an early dinner and then took a walk with Toni at Horseshoe Lake. The sun was setting and we could easily wait for the stars to come out. At Lake Mamie, it was especially nice to see the stars and Milky Way reflect in the calm water.

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Sunset at Moonight Beach, Encinitas, California. June 2016.

Sunset at Moonlight Beach

Moonlight Beach is a beach “pocket” in the coastal cliffs of Encinitas. It’s very busy in summer of course, and it has plenty of features for beach-goers to have a good time! We were there for sunset – subtropical moisture was passing through San Diego and Southern California, bringing some clouds which partially lit up for sunset.

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Close-up of wheat swaying in the wind, along Vineyard Road, Paso Robles, California, April 2016.

Wind in Wheat (3 photos)

It was very windy while we were in Paso Robles. Before we continued west on Highway 46 we took Vineyard Road to take in some more of the scenery. The wind moved the still mostly green wheat in this field around a lot and I tried to capture some of the elegance and chaos in it.

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Near the south end Soda Lake Road, Carrizo Plain, San Luis Obispo County, California, April 2016.

Carrizo Plain (4 photos)

In April, we were on a road trip to California’s “Central Coast” region. On the first day, we drove from San Diego to Santa Barbara and ultimately to Solvang, the Danish-themed little town. I didn’t make any photos there (other than with my cellphone, shared on Instagram) but the following day we drove more inland, returning to Carrizo Plain National Monument.

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