Climbing Milkweed at Coast to Crest Trail

Climbing Milkweed

Along a trail that we frequently use for our walks, Alex and I found an astonishingly large patch of Climbing Milkweed. We must have walked past it plenty of times – only now that a lot of the vegetation is brown and in its summer dormancy, the small flower clusters and the deep, muted green of the vine was more noticable. We spent an overcast morning there photographing them, earlier in the month.

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Close-up of wheat swaying in the wind, along Vineyard Road, Paso Robles, California, April 2016.

Wind in Wheat (3 photos)

It was very windy while we were in Paso Robles. Before we continued west on Highway 46 we took Vineyard Road to take in some more of the scenery. The wind moved the still mostly green wheat in this field around a lot and I tried to capture some of the elegance and chaos in it.

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Butterfly on a leaf, Mainau, Lake Constance, Germany.


A brief downpour surprised us when we visited the “flower island” Mainau at Lake Constance in Germany. We “fled” to the Butterfly House which was nearby. The butterflies were rather elusive and not easy to catch with the camera!

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