Sunset at Cuyamaca

Cuyamaca Peak Night Hike

I had so much fun during the night photo outing to Mount Laguna, I wanted to get out again for more night photos. Alex and I had hiked Cuyamaca Peak a couple of times before already so we drove out in the late afternoon on Friday. Except for the steepness of the paved fire road that leads up there it is not a difficult hike, but traffic was worse than we had expected so we were just a little bit too late to catch the sunset from the peak.

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Stars and Milky Way reflect in Lake Mamie at night, Lake Mamie, Mammoth Lakes, California, September 2016.

Night at Lake Mamie

We’re back from a week-long visit to the Eastern Sierra where we did some hiking and day trips based out of Mammoth Lakes. On the evening of our arrival we had an early dinner and then took a walk with Toni at Horseshoe Lake. The sun was setting and we could easily wait for the stars to come out. At Lake Mamie, it was especially nice to see the stars and Milky Way reflect in the calm water.

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